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Desktop Computers: Towers, Slim Form Factor and Ultra Small Form Factor: image here

  • Dell Vostro, Dell Optiplex
  • HP Business Systems (by special order)
Laptop / Notebook Computers:
  • Dell Vostro, Dell Latitude, Dell XPS
  • Lenovo / IBM ThinkPads,
  • HP Business Notebooks (by request)

image here Dell proprietary Parts: stock all most common
Standard PC Parts: Memory, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Power Supplies, cables, and hundreds of other parts
Software: Windows 7, Microsoft Office, Antivirus, Accounting,
Laptop Accessories: carry- cases, docking stations, and hundreds of others. Desktop Accessories: Wireless devices, external hard drives, and others Servers.

  • Dell PowerEdge
  • HP Proliant, HP Integrity

Network Storage:
  • Dell PowerVault NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN
  • Western Digital Sharespace (2 to 12TB)
  • Seagate Black Armor (2 to 12TB)
Network Switches, SonicWall Firewalls,